No Youth

by Alone

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released July 12, 2014

All songs written by Alone
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Ryan Morgan at Paper Crane Studios
Produced by Ryan Morgan and Alone
Artwork and Layout by Andy McCutcheon
Alone is:
Devin Boudreaux (vocals)
Esai Saldana (guitar)
Charlie Ritch (drums)
Jake Villanueva (bass)
Andy McCutcheon (guitar)


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Alone Idaho

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Track Name: You
Please don't look at me
with your selfish eyes
I'm not trying to swim
in your pool of lies
Twist your words
like a serpent
tie me to a fantasy
my head feels like stone
a weight too heavy to carry
no more roses, no more sun
I never thought I'd find the strength to walk away
What did I have to lose? I lost everything
It was great, all I wanted
then i said goodbye
sometimes the best of us must eat our fucking words
No more roses, no more sun
This is how it has to be
It was you or me
Medusa, keep your eyes off of me
Track Name: No Youth
When was it decided that my ideas and interests,
would be determined by my reputation?
I don't get it, I don't fucking get it
I'm missing the point
so ill sing the sing for anyone who's confused
Lost in a sea of faces that I don't even know.
Shed my skin, I'll still be the same.
I haven't felt like a tourist as much as I do now
taking in all the sights and sounds
being misunderstood never felt so good.
While you talk and follow with all of your excuses
lost at the crossroads of your youth.
With stolen clothes
and newfound eyes
Confessed and walked to the opposite side
you walked away,
the lights are out
Now there's no coming back
There is no more youth
Track Name: Hollow Head
I'm done trying
Hollow head
Have you ever felt
comfortable in your own skin?
From the looks of it, I doubt it
Always looking around
for the latest and greatest
Never taking the time to just be honest
Rehearsed lines
Hollow head
Heard it all before
Hollow head
A constant search for approval
You'd do anything to fit the mold,
Fake eyes, fake mouth and fake speech
You're just another one of the fucking sheep
All of the names in your mouth
Hold no weight
Why are you running? Why are you sinking? It's too late.
You are you
I am I
So why waste away
emulating another person's life?
No masks,
No agendas
Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet
Track Name: Narrow
I swore from the start, I'd never let you in
to create a sense of entitlement, I'm owed nothing
I wanted to be myself, appreciative of everything
Not another jaded asshole
collecting a paycheck
It was too good to be true
I played the fool and gave in
Now who's the joke?
All on me, I take the blame
I wished I was better than that
I was wrong
I let it all go to my head
swore that I was different
Compared myself to everyone else
for my ego
I knew that it was wrong
I couldn't stop. I just kept finding reasons to glorify myself
What was point of it all?
Life is hard enough without my head in the clouds
Another mistake, I'm sure it won't be the last
Mistakes are too common,
when you feel most comfortable in the past.
I'm trying so hard not to live in the past
Please let go of me, take your hands off my neck
Track Name: Loner
Why is it so hard for you to see?
So much wasted time and energy.
There's a non stop a ringing in your ear
Always the victim, not at fault
Never me, always them.
Circles and circles
I've read this book before
I know just how it ends
Shut off, the air is cold
How does it feel with no means to cope?
Burnt every bridge you strolled
The lost lone wolf
Are you ready to face the coffins?
Track Name: Penitence
You’re never coming back
and it hurts me to know
I've tried my hardest to bury
these thoughts in the back of my mind.
Overwhelmed with shame, afraid to admit
couldn't let go of what I’’d done, so I did my best to deny
These feelings and that night
No hope for forgiveness
Derailed and lost
Guided by my blindness
How could I let something
so insignificant takes precedent
too fucking stubborn to say that I was wrong.
I know I don't deserve the time of day
for what I put you through.
The mistakes are mine alone.
Looking back, what it worth it?
Looking back, what did it solve?
Let me rot, I’m sorry
Let me rot, I lost you
Let me rot, I dug my own grave
I’m sorry I lost you

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